#1 do not be late

rotten-fruit-pomgrenadefirst, i hope your idea and company is not late to market.
it is really hard to play catch-up, especially out of israel.
but what i mean is do not arrive at the meeting late.
you actually have a lot less time than you think to present and connect with a VC.
even if the calendar said it is an hour. even if the partner at the vc firm promised. even if the secretary is your friend.
  • the meeting room will be cleared late by the previous meeting
  • the projector will not work
  • the VC will walk in late
so you do not have 1 hour.
in fact, you have only 20 minutes. only 20!
10 minutes will be waisted because of the above
20 minutes will be for the presentation itself
and if we are lucky
30 minutes will be spent discussing the opportunity – this is a good sign,
answering questions often because the presentation is not good.
this is not the same 10-20-30 rule of guy kawasaki.
in very few successful meetings, the entrepreneur presents for more than 20 minutes.
either because they are engaging, or because they are not
if you talk much more than 20 minutes, i am not sure you did a good job. Often, this is because we are too reliant on PowerPoint and the slides we prepared. we are reading slides rather than telling a story. building a dream.
from my experience, your audience (israeli VC) control the flow, you control the content.
20 minutes. that’s it
if you are successful, there will be plenty of time for more talk.
if you are the one to be late, you will be tense. your 20 minutes will be less effective
btw, i am not good in time management. so there is room for me to grow here.
Alternative point of view:
i feel quite confident about the above piece of advice, but i promised to show all 3 sides of the coin:
  • often, the VC is going to be late, why not me?
  • it will make the meeting more memorable
  • it increases the chance for a follow-up meeting, as not everything will be discussed


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