See of Galilee ? כנרת שלי, ההיית או חלמתי חלום

2008-07-06-kineretswimisraeltoday was the 56th “צליחת הכנרת”

For one man, 75 years old, it was his 54th. i only captured his first name, בן-עמי


Leonard Cohen was here last week and gave a 3 hour performance at age 75. hallelujah!

enjoy your body. if i will start taking care of mine, it may take care of me

For Gil my son it was his first. for me, my second. a great pleasure and fulfillment of a long-term dream to do that swim with him. good for your body,too. Click here for tips re long distance open water swimming, now a new Olympic sport (due to triathlons?).

The real triumph is when your body says stop, (or your son’s body) and you crack the mental barrier. the next few kilometers become easier. yet another indication how we are wired for short term goals, and not long term ones.

sad to see (of galilee) the kineret so empty.

the image i will take away is how the thousands of people looked like ants across the 3.5? km route.

helps you keep things in proportion


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4 Responses to “See of Galilee ? כנרת שלי, ההיית או חלמתי חלום”

  1. adisababa Says:

    the person who swam 54 times is בן עמי איצקוביץ

    בסיום הצליחה התקיים טקס מרגש לזכרו של אריה דרוול ז”ל, שטבע בשנה שעברה בגיל 77 במהלך הצליחה. אלמנתו של דרוול, ציפי, העניקה גביע מיוחד לצולח הוותיק ביותר – אותו קיבל בן עמי איצקוביץ’ בן ה-75, שצלח את הכנרת בפעם ה-54.

  2. Rachel Says:

    The barrier you are talking about is also a well known fact to long distance runners. As a runner myself i have yet to encounter it, or face it. i guess i run the distance but not long enough… for a cute facing the wall and getting thru it, watch ‘Run Fatboy Run’ a british comedy about overcoming the wall and life as you know it. Am very proud of you for swimming!

  3. Hagay Katz Says:

    Hei Adi

    just want to say your blog is great and really personal – not a typical VC new media marketing opportunity…(you do it with charm anyway)

    I did the Kineret swim with my kid the first time 5 years ago (he was 12) and indeed it was exciting. Last time we went together he went in and I came 30 minutes later…

    You made me interested to see the movie as well.

    Hagay Katz

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