Eponym – people becoming a word

Many entrepreneurs tell me they want to change the world; to leave a mark.

i hate to say it, but i understand them.

and i would like to think i have a small ego.


perhaps the best way to have you remembered is to have a word coined after you.

i think a verb is even better.

a bit like brands

‘xerox this, please’

mr Xerox would have loved it….

i have ventured and looked for some such words

they are called eponyms

as in the words of the song. ‘eponym and ivory’

i will try and tell the story behind some eponyms

fill free to send me your favorite ones, and i will try to post them as well


One Response to “Eponym – people becoming a word”

  1. Guy Says:

    My favorite (not a verb unfortunately) – Kalantarism.


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