The first cut is the deepest

got my hair cut at phil’s.

this place has been around for a long time. it still has the blue and red turning sign that old barber shops did.

Carl who cut my hair has been there for 45 years. another guy who just retired cut hair at phil’s for 67 years! i was waiting for a singing quartet to jump-in from behind some curtain.

can you imagine? what do you say to your wife when she asks ‘honey, how was today at work?’ ? what is job satisfaction? in what ways is it similar to my job? (serving people, lots of short superficial conversations, people listen to you [and make you think they appreciate your opinion] because they have to….)

finding your new barber once you move is not a simple endeavor

it is about relationships. intimacy, trust. understanding each other. Carl was impressed by my fine hair but tough beard. as we have noted, i am a man of many faces. ‘conflicted but not confused’

it went fine. we have a repeat relationship! i will be back and take gil along as well…

every time you get your hair cut, you basically have a new look. today is the first day of the rest of my life. it is time to look in the mirror, something that with hectic life style we do not do much. at least i do not. i think it is because of denial. if i looked really hard in the mirror, would i walk out of my house?

so, about once a month, when i get my hair cut, i get a chance to ask myself what do i want to do differently. this whole simseter is a time of this sort. it is the second week of classes and i can take any course i want here at yale. lot’s of runing around.

but more is not better; less is more.

it is time to stop. to contemplate.

One Response to “The first cut is the deepest”

  1. Yariv Lotan Says:

    Indeed, after doing the “important and big” stuff of work is thought provoking experience just to enjoy the simple things of life and realizing that if you really EXPERIENCE the small and mundane you can feel the greatest joy and satisfaction.

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