citizen cane

discussion on citizenship and law

key words: representation, essential ism, pools, baseline, social construction and intervention, gender coding, construction of preferences, entitlement (and thus permission)

key takeaways:

‘construction of preferences’: law and institutions as reflection and maintenance of biases and definitions of essential-ism.

once you are in a club, the rules of the club make it difficult:

e.g. before women became partners in mckinsey the typical partner did not work 80 hours a week. now that is what required to be a good partner. most women can not afford it.


essential attributes. men and women are different. if they are not, than ‘all male’ representation does not matter.

sources of differences. how is the difference ‘constructed’?. brought up differently and conform to gender biased norms? are they trans-cultural, trans temporal

gender coding: environmental expectations or assignment of attributes of a certain gender

remedy historical biases/perspective: affirmative action,


issues are equality ‘representation for all’  vs. aggregate interests ‘ good mix create good results’ vs. legitimacy of institution (analytical identification).

so intervention happens from different schools of morality

how do you balance? minimal quota?

replication of inequality and bringing the change to the household

script of citizenship.


local, state, nation,

is there intersection between equality and citizenship

citizenship and country is a relationship that is fuzzy in regards to tax, vote, military, health and education

enter dual or layered citizenship

how do you generate forms of ‘protection’ ? affinity and affiliation may require more than minimal participation. religion as transnational allegiance. now, ‘nation state’ is becoming a complex definition.

enhanced global law will promote individual identities?

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