#7 Write=Listen

i was at an off-site with one of my companies last week

about 10 people in a room, 3 hour session.

except for 2 people, no-one was taking notes.

how much work do you think was accomplished?


many times after a 60 or 80 minutes session with a company ends, i have learned a lot;  got to understand the opportunity better. have a better idea if i want to move ahead with the deal. is the match between us good or poor.

what does not happen often, is that the presenting company takes notes.


  • the entrepreneurs were very focused on presenting
  • there were no pens in the room
  • i said nothing of value

all of the above are possible and perhaps even probable

yet, if you want to make a good impression, in addition to ‘connecting’, try to focus on

  • which of your ideas went well, and which ones did not. your presentation always could adapt
  • which of your assumptions about the market or business were validated, and which were challenged?
  • was the meeting tasks accomplished? questions answered?

if you or another member of the team takes notes, you will get more out of the meeting.



i was once with one of my companies, presenting to a top tier US VC partnership the opportunity, per request of the partner handling the deal.

since i am just a VC, i tried to be a fly on the wall.

there is a lot to be learned by how a different VC conducts a meeting

during a 90 minute meeting i said once sentence, a question, and took notes.

a couple of days later i called the deal partner for feedback, to see if they will be moving ahead with the deal and what are the key issues.

after debriefing and before ending the conversation he told me, ‘by the way, you made an excellent impression on my partners’


if i could listen better and talk less, a lot more people will like me

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