soulja boy – כבר בר-מצוה

soulja boy

is a very popular song for some time

check out the number of views, not insignificant

the beauty is that thousands of remakes were made for it

you can watch them on youtube

an israeli boy, Ben Dadia, in preparation for his bar-mitvah prepared this lovely, well made video

great job, kid. though you do not look bar-mitvah age. if you were my boy, you would get a big hug.

but also note that:

he is not really high IQ.

he does not pronounce words correctly. especially distinguishing between aleph hei and ain

replay if you wish, but note, the “aahhherev”

so here is a remake, a response

interestingly, it is more watched then ben dadia’s piece

i cracked up laughing.

hope you did too.

still my hero here is ben dadia. lovely boy

here is a related video

do you know how it is related?

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5 Responses to “soulja boy – כבר בר-מצוה”

  1. Ran Arad Says:

    it’s that fat bearded lukach guy, is it not?

  2. Ran Arad Says:

    We want a post on “Spring Awakening”! You need to liten to your readers and cater to their needs – isn’t that the most basic thing in Marketing? 😉

    • adisababa Says:

      any thoughts what to write about that wonderful play?

      • Ran Arad Says:

        tons of stuff! the whole idea of a “children tragedy” (which on broadway was even made into a musical – check it out); the relevance of a play written 120 years ago to our days; the way the concept of education changed from those days to nowadays; how impressive was the show that we saw – how professional the actors despite their age, how moving… and of course, a few words about the deputy-director!!! sounds good?

      • adisababa Says:

        You are the greatest

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