Bronze anniversary

wednesday night was big.

Carmel graduated from her army course. that’s topic for another post. but let me tell you, i was proud

roger junk Bronze Anniversary

but also, Wednesday night was Limor and mine bronze anniversary. that’s 19 years. and 4 kids.3 cats and a dog.


unbelievable. we have done some great things together. responded in some hard moments as a team. even if at times i was far away on some seemingly crucially important business trip. god bless her for keeping up with me and my nonsense.

of greater interest to me is not the fact that i first saw her in mid February. in Eran Karoly’s birthday on a Friday night. i have great memories of that evening. so, this last February we started a countdown to the day  we met 20 years ago. twenty years!!!

10 days

9, 8 ,7

4 days to go i told Limor that i was thinking about it and found out it was 21 years ago

now that is very Limor+Adi

it also means that last year. when it was really 20, we passed it by without noticing…

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One Response to “Bronze anniversary”

  1. Ran Arad Says:

    אתם גדולים מהחיים

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