Liat Green

Liat green. bought her work in 2007. loved the ice skating feeling. also the play with the body. no face


1998 – 1999 – School of Visual Arts- New York- Painting
1999 – 2003 – Middlesex University- London- Painting and Bachelor’s degree- Visual Communications design
2004 – 2007 – Painting studies with various artists
2008 – “Hamidrasha -Beit Berel”-University.

her facebook page says she also did something in Leslie university in expressive art therapy



“Pardes 50 Dunam”, – 2006, Solo Exhibition, Liora Kantervitch Studio

“Florentin in Yavne”, – 2006, Yavne artist’s workshop

“Designed in Israel’, – 2007, Namal Tel Aviv

“Secret Art2”- 2008, – Bank Leumi

“Future Memory”, 2008 – Dana Gallery

“You’re never satisfied, 2008 – Artura Gallery

“Forbidden Art”, 2009 – Borey Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

“Miniyartura”, 2009 – Shoham Gallery

“Secret Art3”, 2009 – Bank Leumi

“Souvenir Art”, 2009 – ScalaMata Gallery, Venice, Italy

“secret Art5”, 2010 – bank Leumi

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