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it’s worth the trip

October 1, 2009

machne jeuhdaa great new restaurant opened up this summers in jerusalem מחניהודה.

finally, for the first time in a long time, there is fresh reason to travel to jerusalem on a summer’s eve

it has a lot of what you want in a restaurant:

  • it is located in the market
  • it has dishes you have never tasted before
  • it is authentic
  • prices are extremely affordable
  • service is friendly
  • the waitresses are different than the ones in telaviv. here you are part of a community, not a post-modern urbanite

here is another review

just go there.


this was supposed to be the end of the post, but wanted to share a few more thoughts about the name and its meaning for me:

  • מחנה-יהודה is actually camp judaea the young Zionist movement in the USA
  • if our state was not called israel, what would it be called? (palestine is taken). i suppose judea, which is also the root of the name for our religion. so we are all in the same camp, camp judea. כל ישראל חברים , or , “כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה”. we lost a bit of that, havn’t we?
  • one of the songs which excites me the most every independence day is שאו ציונה נס ודגל,  which flag? דגל מחנה יהודה
  • i was born in a neighborhood  of Petach Tikva called מחנה יהודה (which by the way had a great footbal team). that’s where my roots are. like it, or not. i like it.