Hofmann’s is a cooking school with a nice restaurant in the Gothic quarter. you can visit inside the kitchen. Nice! food is fancy and good, not great

an interesting list, which one day i would like this one to be like, is available here

the following 2 are part of a a small chain. offering good food at low prices, nice decor, and sometimes bad service. Rita is an exception with good service:

L’Hostal de Rita, was a new restaurant when we first visited it in 1994. a dozen years later it is still smart food at reasonable prizes with great service. good location, too after visiting la pedrera. i try to eat here every time in barca

Les Quinze Nits, has Mediterranean cuisine, nice design, god value for money, but as is often the case in barca, poor service. owners are related to rita. take a look at their ‘we recommend page’ and cross check with trip advisor for more recent user feedback.

con gracia, highly rated, not too expensive


Citrus was nice and simple. good location. it is not memorable, but gets the job done. very popular, open late.


eli and dorin went to the following

Great Restaurants:
Alkimia– prix fixe menus, incredible. Unique & innovative cuisine by chef Jordi. Gets 5 stars on my score card- and an equal number of “$” signs… 80 euro per person should get you by in the prix fixe.
Botafumeiro – paella! And great seafood. galicia in catalunya. don’t go if you do not eat seafood.
Paco Meralgotapas, excellent. We actually went there twice, we liked it so much. closes early, so more a lunch place
Quimet & Quimet – a Little bodega recommended by the concierge. No seating, tiny place with the most delicious & authentic selection of tapas, and they also sell wines. Had a great little lunch there. great wines cheese and mussels
– Last meal of this visit at Gaig restaurant. very upscale. Degustation menu. granted 1 star by michlin


need to check out the Rita chain in Madrid.

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