tel-aviv ethnic restaurants

so far, reviewed by ran arad

– sudanese (calls itself “hamisada hasudanit harishona“, 6 solomon street, near old bus station) food was “weird” and some of it tasted strange. atmosphere was interesting. price was as low as it gets. and yes, the street is caled after a fish – yoel moishe fish, from arik einstein’s song about petach tikva.

– chinese (in mid neveh-shaanan street – old bus station area, no name, i don’t remember the house number) dumplings were super, main dishes a bit strange (more bland than i thought). atmosphere interesting. not the cheapest.

– bukharan (bereshit, 31 frenkel street in florentin) very tasty food, but way too oily for those who want to watch their weight. place has no real character, regretfully.

– indian (salam bombei, 124 alenbi street) great food as far as indian food goes. pretty cheap.

– bulgarian (boyana, 2 ben-teradion street in jaffa) good food, but lots of the stuff is fried and/or oily. went there with a friend who speaks bulgarian to we got a special service. lots of garlic!

– persian (salimi, 80 nachlat-binyamin street) the best of them all in my view (so far). excellent food. great atmosphere (family owned, with lots of shouts etc). pretty cheap.

– turkish (nisso, 47 levinsky street, inside shuk levinsky) great food. no atmosphere.

One Response to “tel-aviv ethnic restaurants”

  1. Lois Says:

    sounds yummy. i just wish you’d print hours of operation or telephone. Like…is salimi open for dinner or just lunch?

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