Paris – hotels


limor really likes this one. small, great location, “family owned” not too expensive

hidden hotel

recommended by limor. we have not stayed there yet. next time?

Mama Shelter

We stayed in mama shelter hotel for our 18th anniversary
It is very nice, not expensive but not a good location
It is hudson-like. (for more on the Hudson, press here).  Very stylish and alive.
We liked it a lot
Location is an issue extra 30 minutes walking to get to heart of city


apartment for rent

orit recommends this one

4 people, clean well equiped good location

this one needs to be reserved well in advance

good for 2 people only

this one is in the les halles area

less than euro 100 per night

Hotel du bresil

2 star, good location (pantheon, st michel), Sigmund freud lived here for 2 years,

Inexpensive, euro 100 per night

hotel fontaine du Luxemburg

a new designer hotel

you can get it at euro 200 or so

kube hotel

when sleeping is not enough. retro-futuristic, a bit pricy. worth a try if you can get it for euro 200

location is not so good, montmartre

hotel sezz

beautiful but euro300 per night, trocedaro area

hotel five

location ok, south of luxemburg very kitsch design

you can get it below euro 200

prince de conde

great great location in the 6th. euro 150 in the heart of saint germain. you could spend a wekend in paris with no metro!

some reviews are not good. ‘charming,but small’. poor decor, but not a rip-off. so, nice, for paris

hotel petit moulin

designed by christian la Croix

in the marais. 250+ euro per night, but may be worth it

Hotel des Academies et des Arts

good location, good prices, good reviews. yoni recommends it

some rooms are very small

hotel saint germain

2 star, small, great location inexpensive

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