i love them because they are art

and useful art

and because they are:

  • well designed
  • started a wave, a new age of democratization of beauty and time
  • defy norms
  • give me a sense of hope about the world. i want to be a member of this club. thank you for existing

some good links:

a nice explanation about the craze

intro to collecting swatches

squiggly, is an on-line  catalog. this specific item describes well the disease.

swatch and beyond, almost like squiggly

everything swatch due to be up march 1st 2010. but is continuously delayed


stay tuned

squiggly forums. formerly swatch clopedia

and hans van buuren’s site and shop , a great dutch collector

there are more pages regarding our collection:


for sale

recently acquired

base collection

haring swatches in our collection

One Response to “swatch”

  1. Carmella Says:

    some of my favourite swatch designs:


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