recent acquisitions

after many years was able to get


ours is #753/5000

two of the swatches have just one dial. nice.

they have 8 hole bands. unusual

Folon is a Belgian artist.

Fondation Maeght

This watch has been sold as a limited edition of 5,000 pieces and is exclusively designed for Swatch by Valerio Adami. The black plastic strap has a white signature “Adami” divided over the top and bottom part. The black plastic case holds a black dial with a design of two kissing people in white outline. White hour and minute hands show the time. This watch is part of a set of three, called together the Fondation Maeght Set.

Sandra got us this one

it is a Berlin special. called ‘time in berlin’


thanks sandra


on thw way back from San francisco, at SFO after a over an hour at security (the did not like some of my oduments having adi, some aviad. need to switch all to aviad) got this one

grove move gw150

remind me of ‘lots of dots’

really want all keith harings. a few years ago, saw all four signed for about $4000. wished i was brave enough to get them

1985 haring breakdance

ours is with poster (does not seem original). because it is in glass display hard to see the 755/9999

It is often called a Keith Haring, but from what I understand it was designed by Schmidt Muller, and based on a POSTER designed by Keith Haring commemorating the first International Breakdance Competition at the Roxy in 1985. I believe it was limited to 9999 pieces.

Swatch watch GS100, or ‘4 Flags’ 1984

The watch was made for a limited time due to copyright issues.

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